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2013 Summer Reading List – 7 Series Reviews by a 7-Year-Old

Summer break is here for many of you throughout the country. My kids still have to slave away at school for another couple of weeks, but regardless, it is time to start thinking about all the great books to read over the summer.

Here are some of the series that my bookworm of a daughter has enjoyed this year. As you can see, her tastes are trending toward fantasy books. I have included reading levels for each series (when available), even though my daughter often reads books that are a higher reading level than she is technically supposed to. These books are good choices for girls and boys entering into second grade and up. She wrote all of the reviews into her journal and I typed them up (with spelling corrections).

The Sisters Eight by Lauren Baratz-Logsted is a set of nine books about eight identical sisters who are seven and have just lost their parents. Over the course of a year, each sister develops a different special ability, such as running extremely fast or speaking with animals. Will these gifts help them locate their parents before their eight birthday? Read and find out.

S’s review: “I like the Sister’s 8 series because I like the idea of living alone with a bunch of sisters. Also, the sisters have really cool superpowers! I love superpowers!”

Reading Level: Scholastic Reading Counts – Level: 4.4, Points: 7, Lexile: Level: 720L
Source –

The Kingdom of Fantasy (Geronimo Stilton) is a series of five books that is part of the larger collection about a reporter mouse named Geronimo Stilton. These stories stand apart from the rest, because they are set in a fantasy land with dragons, unicorns, fairies, princesses, you name it. Detailed maps and vivid illustrations are found throughout. As of this summer, there are five books in the series.

S’s review: “These books pretty much put together everything I love! Mystery, humor, high fantasy, or twisted tales – whatever it is that you are seeking, step inside the Kingdom of Fantasy for a thrilling ride!”

Reading Level: Grade level Equivalent: 2.7, Lexile Measure®: 500L, DRA: 50, Guided Reading: T
Source –

Ivy & Bean are best friends and neighbors who have all kinds of hilarious adventures. So far, the series by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall has nine books, but there will probably be more soon.

S’s review: “This series is a great tale of childhood friendship. Ivy is a quiet bookworm, while Bean is a loud and clumsy tomboy. Both are my age and are always making mischief!”

Reading Level: Grade level Equivalent: 2.7, Lexile Measure®: 510L, DRA: 24, Guided Reading: M
Source –

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles take conventional fairy tales and twists them into stories more palatable for the adventure-loving modern girl. The series has four books.

S’s review: “In these fun books, humor and fantasy really do make their home! A runaway princess (something I love), embarks on an adventure with a dragon in the Enchanted Forest. She meets many cool fantasy creatures along the way – including a purple flying donkey!”

Reading Level: Not available

The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley and Peter Ferguson is also based on popular European folk and fairy tales. The ninth and final book, The Council of Mirrors, was just released on June 4th.

S’s review: “This a dark but fun series about twisted tales. It features well-known storybook characters, such as Snow White and The Three Little Pigs. My favorite thing about the Sisters Grimm is the excitement, wonder, and dread of weaving a way through a bedtime treasury.”

Reading Level: Grade Level Equivalent: 4.5, Lexile Measure: 840L, Guided Reading Level: R
Source –

Guardians of Ga’hoole is a fairly brutal set of stories about an owlet who endures kidnapping and warfare. There are fifteen books in the series, which spans generations of owls.

S’s review: “The books in this series are interesting, as well as creepy. My biggest reason for liking the Guardians of Ga’hoole is that it combines two of my favorite things: owls and adventure!”

Reading Level: Grade level Equivalent: 4.5, Lexile Measure®: 730L, DRA: 40, Guided Reading: R
Source –

OK, I know what you are thinking. Why is your 7-year-old allowed to read the whole Harry Potter series. Answer: She begged. Like many kids before her, she has memorized practically every facet of these books.

S’s Review: “My favorite things are magic, fantasy, suspense, adventure, owls, and flying, along with a feeling of mischief and mishap. Harry Potter brings all that all together – and shoots it sky-high! These books are awesome – and they get bigger as they go!”

Reading Level of First Book: Grade level Equivalent: 6, Lexile Measure®: 880L, DRA: 50, Guided Reading: V

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2013 Summer Reading List - 7 Series Reviews by a 7-Year-Old

Summer break is here for many of you throughout the country. My kids still have to slave away at school for another couple of weeks, but regardless, it is time to start thinking about all the great books to read over the summer.

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