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It’s Monday: What Are You Reading?


This Monday I am reading two books my daughter asked me to read, because she recently finished them and felt I needed to read them.

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester p. 329

The beginning: Piper lives in a boring farm town, with uptight religious parents who shrink from any hint of abnormality. At first she seems like a typical child, until she begins to float off of the changing table! Her parents try to hide Piper away from other people, hoping that she will outgrow this strange behavior. Instead she ends up embracing her ability to fly and adventures ensue.

Why I am reading this book: S. insisted that I read this book because she claims there is a surprising plot twist halfway through the book. I am intrigued. So far, it reminds me of this terrific picture book that I have been meaning to add to my section on princess books:

The other book S. asked me to read is:

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) by Rick Riordan p. 377

The beginning: Percy Jackson is at a school for half-bloods. No, not biracial kids, like mine, but half gods-half humans of the Greek variety. Percy is twelve-years-old and is in grave danger. But even after fighting a demon math teacher, he doesn’t understand how or why he is different. Only when he meets other half-bloods like himself does he begin to understand where he comes from and his destiny.

Why I am reading this book: I probably should have read this series by now, but my seven-year-old beat me to it. Sadly, she has already told me the entire plot, but that is OK. We already have the rest of the books on hold at the library.

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