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Create Your Own Paper Crafts with These 4 Activity Books!

Paper crafts have long been common in Japan and now they are becoming more popular in the U.S. as well, thanks to some amazing books that will entertain your children (or you), while promoting hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Papertoy Monsters: Make Your Very Own Amazing Papertoys!
Brian Castleforte
Ages 5+

My children received this title for Christmas and it was a huge hit. The book contains 50 pre- perforated monsters, ready to pop-up, fold and glue. Also included are 10 blank templates, and I wish the kit had included more, because my 5-year-old son really enjoys creating monsters from scratch. Eventually the kids made so many monsters that we needed to bring my daughter’s doll house downstairs to house them all. I like how this set is boy-friendly, while still appealing to girls. The kids love how each monster has a detailed story that accompanies it. A true winner!


My Book Of Easy Crafts
Ages 4+

Kumon is famous for their academic classes and workbooks. But they also produce beautiful crafting books for younger children. My Book of Easy Crafts contains many folding and cutting projects that are both educational and fun. Most four-year-olds will need extra help, but the results are worth the trouble!


My Book of Amazing Crafts (Kumon Workbooks)Kumon
Ages 5/6+

The crafts in this activity books are similar to My Book of Easy Crafts, but increase in difficulty. This was the first paper crafting book my daughter ever did and she has been hooked ever since.

Paper Wonderland: 32 Terribly Cute Toys Ready to Cut, Fold & Build
Michelle Romo
Ages 8+

This book is considerably more challenging than the others mentioned above. Some of the projects are so sophisticated that adults would find it challenging and enjoyable. For instance, one craft is a toaster that actually pops out little paper toast! That said, my 8-year-old daughter adores this book. She carefully constructed each item and took enormous pride in her accomplishments. 


Here are few more books that we have not yet tried, but plan on getting soon. Enjoy!

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