Children’s Book Bin Becomes Interactive with Listly!

What are review sites, but a collection of detailed lists? As a former librarian, I am fascinated by the idea of compiling lists. Sure, I have a bunch on this site, but what if we could compile not just my ideas, but everyone on the blogosphere that writes about children’s books. Sounds farfetched, right? I recently ran across a service called Listly that would allow you to create lists, embed them on multiple websites, and continuously add to them. So if you have a post about, say, picture books about rabbits, you could link it to my list – Book Recommendations for Kids Featuring Rabbits now, and then in two months, if you reviewed a book about a robots, you could link it to another list – Children’s Books about Robots. And if you are not a blogger and want to contribute, you can just add a suggestion without a link, or link to a blog post you love. The only rule is that the link or suggestion should directly relate to the topic.

The Listly box can be found at the bottom of each of my posts. Just click on Add to List in the Listly box in each section – click here for a list of categories. Then, you have to (quickly) create a Listly account using Facebook or Twitter. I skipped the part about having them post on my behalf. After you login, you can even embed the lists I created directly into your own blogs. The more people add to the lists, the more useful and comprehensive they will become. And of course, you can always start new lists on the many topics I have yet to post about.

And no, I am not receiving anything from Listly for this promotion. I just thought it might be a great way to link up parents, librarians, bloggers and anyone else who is interested in great books for kids.

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