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Children’s Book Bin is a review site for parents and caregivers looking for the best books for their child. As a former librarian and now as a mom of two, people are frequently telling me about how overwhelmed they are by the number of books available for children, and yet they have trouble finding anything their child is willing to sit down and listen to. As a result, many parents either reread the same books all the time or give up altogether. Now you might say, but my kid loves reading Goodnight Moon everyday! What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, young kids love repetition. But in my experience, if you really want them to engage with reading, diversity of literature is key.

Now you might be thinking, but my son or daughter is not going to listen to a story for more than five minutes! Don’t lose heart. I admit that I have a daughter, who literally devours books. She has an amazing attention span and will read anything that crosses her path. But I also have a very active son who is not known for sitting still for anything, including television. He must be run outside for close to two hours a day just to keep his energy level in check. That said, he loves books and will look at them for long periods of time. At first, they had to be about superheroes or construction vehicles, but now he enjoys a wide range of titles.

Which brings me to my point: In order to increase interest in reading, find out what your child is interested in and get high quality, age appropriate materials that match that interest. And this blog is here to help you do just that. I will be posting regularly on various themes, and I also take requests, so please feel free to email me at liz@childrensbookbin.com or post a comment and I will try to put together a list of books (and/or songs) that I have personally read and can recommend.

I look forward to hearing from you and happy reading!

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